Fashion Mania: Must in White

t37YW6njQL 0a2b7a9f2c842e0138e575bdc4063629 f791be9da47c23cef2a97a5055959176 f703ae60b08a023d604e2505087ed4dd eaf4d03010e17673221ce592d025cae3 e77672f502b911348594c1ef94102776 e913df969886288e58f1b26be597ae47 cb378cfb5b44e681ae136ffcd6855178 c697def148562c85257bae9c75abbc78 c7be17bf8c69956d68b91acbc6f6124f c1f333d8a0318827caa7601b590e0b15 c1b48cd9ada7feef4f293aef0e623edc bcc756d1afaed7bf9173b73fe025f939 b40c3d77489e1dd2cf4d991e44c70888 b5ad749c6627effdf60fb45cb6dc4d96 af31d4117dc9fe18c0d00301c3662908 af4edcf7db92995a1589ec23a1c5e7cd a86672b3e35cc01df6e580a20352c546 3549c43f852579eebcecdafafde6307e 95d881d39528e02a5bdcf52360290ced 71b566e359a81446da1b20f3cd87a54e 60c30b253ff6292baa145f87395b5f75 54df70f45849ad3b90868b0cf3457b5d 53d8ddb9da0721f99ad006b16e537151 47d9fe567d01ad9869bcb9c2e0e5f945 47ae4df02fd28b9614ef1829ea452694 17d6aa160cc8e01939d3712e9a02ae78 8d84f6269445cad7b36a3554e6224427 5cf4f42bc9e1d8febc4f55a83c2c7f2e 3cbbd447eea095029c9656a4e7278a00 1ec81d5a733c07f44794a88927da2b35 +It is said that you can not put the white to a wedding because it would spoil the moment the bride and in truth I tell you … that we have got it right! Because with these goodies the bride you will have to hunt for envy !! Chanel, Elie Saaab, Dolce and Gabbana belly made hut !!! Only advice? Not abinateli with black. The last thing I want is a Juventin’s parti!!  ; 


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